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"Hello there. You've reached Hyobu Kyosuke. If you're an esper and have something to say, please, leave a message. If you're a normal, however... You may want to reconsider."

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Helllllo Haven. Since Hyobu is a overpowered esper with a wide range of abilities, I figure it is in everyone's best interest if I do a permission post regarding his most intrusive powers.

So, can Hyobu:

For mind reading, it is literally that. Surface thoughts. Whatever they are actively thinking right at the very moment. So if your character had thoughts in italics or was thinking about something in brackets but not saying it out loud, he could pick up on it.

Reading a character's history requires physical contact, and is far faaaaar more detailed in how much he can learn. Basically their entire canon up to where they are, if he stays in contact long enough. This will be a very rare case, and most contact like this will be for things like who they know in game, what they've been doing in game and other such immediate things he'd be curious about. But if your character is incredibly secretive, he might dig into their history out of curiosity.

Hypnosis is a very case-by-case thing and will largely involve him making them do something, or see something that isn't there. Mostly he'll do it to mess with people and it's not usually harmful. I will always double check before having him do anything hypno related to a character directly, so this is essentially you saying whether or not you're open to the idea of him doing it someday.

This is also where you can tell me if your character has any "mental barriers" that would block him from reading them at all.


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